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Any exterior modification to your home should be submitted to your Association’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval prior to starting the modification. In order to streamline this process please include all of the following information in your submittal:

In an effort to provide and protect each individual’s homeowner rights and property value, it is required that any homeowner or group of owners considering improvements which are visible from other homes, submit the form below to the Architectural Committee prior to initiating work on planned improvements.

Modification Request

Location Of Changes

Please check the applicable area:

Front of HouseBack of HouseGaragePatioSide of House

Materials that you will use for the proposed improvements: Please specify paint color, lumber type, screen type, etc. Be specific, to prevent return of your application for more information.

Details & Specifications

The ARC will also need to see any applicable architectural drawings, designs, materials, colors and specifications. Please upload any diagrams or representations necessary with descriptions to depict all proposed improvements. To meet approval of the committee, colors and materials must be those specified in the deed restrictions and Residential Design Guidelines.

Survey Plat

A copy of your survey plat showing the location and dimensions (including elevation) of where the modification will be located on your property and listing any applicable setbacks.

Upload Survey Plat

Upload Plans

I understand that the Architectural Committee will act on this request after receipt, at the next regular meeting. I also understand that if enough information is not included in this modification request form, for the Architectural Committee to make a valid judgment, it may be returned for more complete information. I agree not to begin proposed improvement(s) until I have been notified, in writing, of the Architectural Committee’s decision.

Please be aware if a submittal is received without all necessary information, it will be denied and the homeowner will be asked to resubmit a complete request.


Form is signed by the homeowner

Plans with relevant details

Survey plat with modification marks

Access point on survey plat if applicable

Common area access request form if access via common area will be needed

If landscape will be installed, plant type, gallon size and location to be marked on survey plat

Helpful Notes

Signs are not permitted in the community. Do not display any vendor/contractor signs.

No access is allowed through any common area without express written consent from the Board.

Typically the ARC committee has 30 days to review and respond to modification request.

Incomplete applications will result in a denial by default and complete resubmission will be necessary.