Believe it or not, the air inside your home may be less healthy than the air outdoors.

From pollutants like volatile organic compounds (e.g., chemicals in paints, cleaning supplies, waxes, building materials, furnishings, pesticides, air fresheners and dry-cleaned items) to gases (like radon and carbon dioxide) to second-hand smoke, modern, well-insulated homes can actually trap pollutants, thus raising their potential for harm. Several common houseplants, however, can help you breathe easier by increasing oxygen levels and removing toxins from the air.

Below is a list of ten natural air purifiers. For maximum effectiveness, aim for at least two plants in 10- to 12-inch pots per 100 square feet of space. And be sure not to over water your plants, which can lead to mold—another pollutant to watch out for.

English Ivy                           Lady Palm                            Boston Fern                        Snake Plant

Golden Pothos                  Wax Begonia                      Red-Edged Dracaena      Spider Plant

Peace Lily (This variety is poisonous to pets, so place with caution.)