Doing good may be its own reward, but some volunteers and committee members would probably agree that it’s also nice to be recognized for the time, effort, and commitment they put into serving others—particularly in what can sometimes seem to be thankless roles.

Members of your community devote their energy and enthusiasm to making your community the very best it can be by serving on the board, a committee, and on neighborhood projects. And, volunteers help keep assessments down—every hour of volunteer work is an hour of salary the association does not have to pay a service provider.

Below are some easy ways to show your neighbors how much you personally appreciate their hard work.

* Keep an eye open for those featured in your associations website. When you see them, introduce yourself and say Thanks!

* Send an e-mail to a volunteer or committee member explaining that he or she is valued for stepping up.

As volunteers, your neighbors invest their time in projects that benefit you. No association can thrive without them, so let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Have an idea for recognizing volunteers? Contact a board member and share!